Impact of Hybrid Energy Storage System Topology on Performance: Exploration for Hydropower Hybrids

Banerjee, Abhishek
Alam, S M Shafiul
Mosier, Thomas M
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We investigate the technical performance of six HESS topologies integrated with run-of-river (ROR) hydropower to provide frequency support. We choose ROR hydropower because there are 23 GW of installed ROR hydropower in the U.S. and integrating these plants with energy storage could boost their contribution to grid services. We focus on HESSs composed of batteries and ultra-capacitors because batteries are cost effective for storing energy but degrade more quickly as a function of cycling. In contrast, ultra-capacitors can be cycled millions of times and are cost effective for quick injections of power. We find that active HESS topologies demonstrate the best overall improvement to grid frequency during a contingency while adhering to the power ramping limits of the HESS devices. Future work will investigate other services to identify if one HESS topology performs best for all services of interest or, more likely, different HESS topologies are best suited for specific services.
Distributed, Renewable, and Mobile Resources, batteries, frequency nadir, hybrid energy systems, renewable energy, run-of-river hydropower, ultracapacitors
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