Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making: the question of Accountability

Gualdi, Francesco
Cordella, Antonio
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Public sector organizations literature has addressed the influence of AI on decision-making process, looking mainly at rationalization and efficiency. However, recent adoptions of AI have been challenged because of their discriminatory nature. As a result, questions emerged on the accountability of AI supported decision-making processes in the public sector. This research sheds light on how AI transforms decision-making processes in the public sector and hence on their accountability. The paper illustrates that AI adoptions lead to the emergency of techno-legal entanglements – assemblages – which might impact upon AI accountability. Building on the findings of some of the most controversial and discussed cases of AI adoption in the public sector – COMPAS in the US and UKVI in the UK – the paper makes the case for a new approach to AI supported public sector decision-making accountability.
Emerging Topics in Digital Government, accountability, artificial intelligence, assemblages, decision-making process, public sector
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