Social media processing in crisis response : an attempt to shift from data to information exploitation.

Coche, Julien
Romera Rodriguez, Guillermo
Montarnal, Aurélie
Tapia, Andrea
Benaben, Frederick
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Information about the ongoing events is of the utmost importance during emergencies. Previous work in crisis informatics found new ways to pull data from unexploited sources, such as social media. But while the volume of information is crucial, the way the information is reported and provided becomes increasingly important as the volume grows. Yet, little has been achieved on information management. This article proposes a way to automatically organize information from social media data up to decision-makers. This organization is enabled by a metamodel \cite{benaben_metamodel_2016} designed to model crucial information in crises. The article is organized as follows. First, the organization of current social media processing systems is presented. Then, the article presents the metamodel used and how it is relevant to organized information in crisis events through the lens of the 6W's \cite{kropczynski_identifying_2018}. Finally, it walks through the implementation of the proposal based on the two previous parts.
Disaster Information, Resilience, for Emergency and Crisis Technologies, crisis, metamodel, natural language processing, social media
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