Towards compliance requirements modeling and evaluation of E-government inter-organizational collaborative business processes

González, Laura
Delgado, Andrea
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Business process compliance requirements are becoming increasingly important to organizations as they focus on their processes and the way they are carried out in their daily operation. Being compliant with regulations and laws, among others, is mandatory in an e-government environment where these processes are to be transparent to citizens and subject to public audits. Also, in e-government domain, as these processes are mostly inter-organizational collaborative processes that are spread within several organizations, compliance definition, monitoring and evaluation becomes more complex. In this paper we present an approach to deal with compliance requirements modeling and evaluation for such processes. We focus on modeling compliance requirements over BPMN 2.0 and evaluating this specification against process execution traces, in order to detect compliance violations. We present a Compliance Requirements Modeling Language (CRML) and its connection with BPMN 2.0 elements, a Compliance Requirements Model (CRM) specific for business processes, and an initial view on post-mortem compliance evaluation with process mining.
Digital Government and Business Process Management (BPM), compliance requirement, e-government, inter-organizational business processes, process mining
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