Making Strategic Supply Chain Capacity Planning more Dynamic to cope with Hyperconnected and Uncertain Environments

Oger, Raphaël
Benaben, Frederick
Lauras, Matthieu
Montreuil, Benoit
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Public and private organizations cope with a lot of uncertainties when planning the future of their supply chains. Additionally, the network of stakeholders is now intensely interconnected and dynamic, revealing new collaboration opportunities at a tremendous pace. In such a context, organizations must rethink most of their supply chain planning decision support systems. This is the case regarding strategic supply chain capacity planning systems that should ensure that supply chains will have enough resources to profitably produce and deliver products on time, whatever hazards and disruptions. Unfortunately, most of the existing systems are unable to consider satisfactorily this new deal. To solve this issue, this paper develops a decision support system designed for making strategic supply chain capacity planning more dynamic to cope with hyperconnected and uncertain environments. To validate this decision support system, two industrial experiments have been conducted with two European pharmaceuticals and cosmetics companies.
Digital and Hyperconnected Supply Chain Systems, capacity planning, decision support systems, opportunity-driven, supply chain planning, uncertainty-driven
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