A Distribution of Information Granularity to Deal With Inconsistency in Multi-Criteria and Heterogeneous Group Decision Making

Cabrerizo, Francisco
Pérez, Ignacio
Morente Molinera, Juan Antonio
Herrera-Viedma, Enrique
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A distribution of information granularity has been implemented in several group decision making approaches to improve the individual consistency in the recent past. However, these approaches cannot be applied for solving decision processes carried out in multi-criteria and heterogeneous contexts. To overcome this shortcoming, we develop a new group decision making model in this study. First, considering fuzzy preference relations, the information granularity is built by means of distributing the flexibility degrees, which are required to improve the consistency, to the individuals. Second, it can handle group decision making processes in which several criteria, having distinct importance weights, are considered. Third, it considers that the preferences communicated by a decision maker have a not identical importance weight for every criterion. To illustrate the proposed group decision making model, a study is carried out via a numerical example. The observations show that this group decision making model can produce consistent decisions.
Soft Computing: Theory Innovations and Problem Solving Benefits, consistency, granular computing, group decision making, information granularity
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