To Use or Not to Use Artificial Intelligence? A Framework for the Ideation and Evaluation of Problems to Be Solved with Artificial Intelligence

Sturm, Timo
Fecho, Mariska
Buxmann, Peter
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The recent advent of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that surpass humans’ problem-solving capabilities has uncovered AIs’ great potential to act as new type of problem solvers. Despite decades of analysis, research on organizational problem solving has commonly assumed that the problem solver is essentially human. Yet, it remains unclear how existing knowledge on human problem solving translates to a context with problem-solving machines. To take a first step to better understand this novel context, we conducted a qualitative study with 24 experts to explore the process of problem finding that forms the essential first step in problem-solving activities and aims at uncovering reasonable problems to be solved. With our study, we synthesize emerged procedural artifacts and key factors to propose a framework for problem finding in AI solver contexts. Our findings enable future research on human-machine problem solving and offer practitioners helpful guidance on identifying and managing reasonable AI initiatives.
AI and Future of Work, artificial intelligence, ideation, innovation, machine learning, problem solving
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