Public information and mass media in population communication programs

Glattbach, Jack
East-West Communication Institute
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Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, East-West Communication Institute
The paper is an analysis of the public information component of population and family planning programs. It reviews the variety of ways that population messages have been distributed by mass media such as radio, newspapers and magazines, films, television, posters and folk media. Topics covered include the nature of population/family planning as it affects communication strategy and content, the development over the last two decades of public information activities in population/family planning, the failure on the part of population communicators to understand the nature of mass media and to take advantage of opportunities to increase media coverage of population issues, the population "lobby" and its access to media, the use of commercial resources for marketing and advertising family planning services, problems and needs in the area of population communication-related research, and the planning and management of communication strategies and programs. The paper concludes by identifying several areas where public information programs could be improved.
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