Management and utilization of population communication research

Kar, Snehendu B.
Irgens, Timothy
Wilson, Joy
East-West Communication Institute
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Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, East-West Communication Institute
This paper reviews the factors that influence the management, conduct and utilization of social science research related to population communication policies and strategies. These factors include assumptions of causality, communication between planners and researchers, power and control of relevant decisions, the concept of good and useful research, communication complexity and semantics, perceptions of effective use of research, time perspectives, situational factors, general versus specific applications, feedback of research results, the researchers' dilemma, and reward and reference groups for planners and researchers. The second part of the paper analyzes patterns of past research including the clinic and KAP phase and the extension education and field campaign phase, the impact of funding on research, and implications for future research.
"This project was supported by the Office of Population, U.S. Agency for International Development, AID/csd-1059."<br><br>For more about the East-West Center, see <a href=""></a>
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