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Contributors:Jermes Dhoka (speaker)
Danerek, H. Stefan (recorder)
Danerek, H. Stefan (researcher)
Danerek, H. Stefan (depositor)
Lewy, Fauzi (consultant)
Date Issued:19 Mar 2016
Description:Genre: Oral history/customs. Jermes Toka, from the domain Edo (Heto, and of Ko’a descent like his wife?) tells about the people of Ko'a descent who live in Edo, their ritual centre 'Dubhu tetu', and a few awesome characters. Dobhu tetu was a Ko’a people’s ritual centre, until the clan moved to Ko’a. They were actually driven away because they stole tubers, first to Pou wawo, later they were driven away from here as well because of the same reason. In Ko’a they were safe and multiplied. Woko Toka was an awesome man from there who killed lots of Bimanese. He also ‘waved’ boats to sleep like Cu’a kabe. Now the Ko’a people have lots of family in Nata watu, Woto domain, next to Edo. Lélu ‘with the long breasts’ was a woman who once presided over the Dhubu tetu structure. Until today it happens when new people arrive that they get ill and have to sacrifice 28 eggs and two chickens at the ‘dhubu’. the main rock, ‘mase’, is called Mase Ko’a, or Cawa ruku, rukuriwu (killer of many), a mytho-historical character like Pio pikariwu of Kéli. Cawa ruku was first of all a helper of the people, a healer, who did not want to hurt people, at least not of his own tribe. Lélu might have been an ‘ata pukane’, the ceremonial virgin who watches over the buffalo rituals. Recorded outside of A. Roja's house, with Jermes’ wife, when we visited Roja in hamlet Wolondopho, 19 March -16. Jermes and his wife Meli were passing by on the way to their plantation, stopped and chatted for a while, then I (SD) recorded them because their descent stories are interesting. Transcribed by Fauzi Lewy as an assignment of the FEL supported project to teach ELAN to Palu'e youth, practicing directly on yet unannotated recordings. Edited and translated by SD.
Appears in Collections: Stefan Danerek Collection - Palu'e Audio

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