Financing a tuna project

Skapin, Boris
Pintz, William S.
Multinational Corporations in the Pacific Tuna Industry (Project)
East-West Center. Pacific Islands Development Program
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Honolulu, Hawaii : Multinational Corporations in the Pacific Tuna Industry, Pacific Islands Development Program, East-West Center
Financing tuna ventures is a complex and substantial undertaking. This report attempts to explain in a non-technical way the nature of, and problems associated with, financing large-scale tuna fishing and/or canning projects in the Pacific islands region. After a general introduction, the report outlines the components of a financing plan. This is followed by a review of finance and risk, including risk spreading, sharing and hedging. Sources of debt are then discussed along with the financing environment for industrial projects. International mechanisms for encouraging risk taking by lenders and investors are evaluated and the terms and conditions of loans reviewed. The nature of tuna fishing as viewed by lenders is examined and the consequences of project collapse discussed. The second part of the report focuses on issues associated with raising funds for finance ventures. The conclusion summarizes the report's salient points and notes that no financial wizardry can substitute for strong project prerequisites.
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