Needs analysis for a developmental reading, writing, and grammar course at a private language school in Cambodia

Cunningham, Robert C.
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Needs analysis has long been the cornerstone of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Without it, ESP could not exist (Brown, 2016). The current needs analysis was conducted to find the specific purpose in a general English course aimed at helping students who had fallen behind in the areas of reading, writing, and grammar. It was conducted at a private language school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia using interviews, questionnaires, observations, materials analysis, and utilization-focused evaluation. The needs analysis was divided into two phases: the first was conducted using the interviews, questionnaires, observations, and materials analysis; and the second was dedicated to conducting utilization-focused evaluation wherein I worked with two full-time teachers to pilot and assess the findings of the first phase. The findings of the needs analysis suggested that a literature- and text-based approach was an appropriate fit for the course and that including utilization-focused evaluation as part of the needs analysis was of great value.
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