Same Same But Different? A Two-Foci Perspective on Trust in Information Systems

Söllner, Matthias
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Trust is one of the most important factors driving the adoption and use of information systems. The goal of this paper is to provide a first evaluation of a conceptual piece claiming a) that users distinguish between their trust in an IS and the provider of this IS and b) that both kinds of trust are important for the success sustainable success of IS providers. To evaluate the claims, a research model is developed and evaluated using data of 234 students during the introduction of a new IS at an European university. The results provide support for both claims, since the correlation between the two trust constructs is low, and the nomological networks differ. Regarding the importance of both constructs, trust in the IS is found to have an important impact of the use of the IS, whereas trust in the provider is a major driver of the users’ loyalty.
Advances in Research on Trust, Trusted Systems, and Digital Technologies, computers are social actors, information systems, interpersonal trust theory, longitudinal field study, trust
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