Elaborating Research Questions Along The Writing-as-Inquiry Model

Perez Contell, Jeremias
Diaz, Oscar
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Research Questions (RQs) drive, frame and shape research endeavours. Though classification schemas are available, it is not clear how RQs are developed. This work looks into the writing-as-inquiry model. According to this model, writing unleashes mental processes that help to further refine the discourse. Hence, we consider writing not for dissemination purposes but as an enabler of RQ elaboration. This model fits the gradual and iterative process of RQ development by iterating along two workspaces: the Content workspace, for idea profiling, and the Rhetorical workspace, for narrative construction. Unfortunately, current editors fall short to support this process. This work introduces the notion of “round-trip editors” in an attempt to account for this two-workspace iteration. Abstracting from experiences on a proof-of-concept artefact (i.e. DScaffolding), we introduce some general requirements that are informed by two main kernel theories: the knowledge-transforming model of writing and the writing-as-inquiry theory. DScaffolding is formatively evaluated for its utility and usability in elaborating problem-solving RQs.
Advances in Design Science Research, design science research, research question, writing as inquiry
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