The Polite Pop-Up: An Experimental Study of Pop-Up Design Characteristics and User Experience

Willermark, Sara
Sigríður Íslind, Anna
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Pop-up boxes have been widely used to catch users’ attention and highlight specific information. Yet, according to previous research, there is a high degree of perceived irritation and dissatisfaction related to pop-ups. In this study, we explore the user experience of what is referred to as “polite pop-up,” i.e., a modal pop-up, created based on click events. The intention was to eliminate negative perceptions that pop-ups usually generate. The research method involves a constructed user test of a prototype of a website where polite pop-ups were placed in the interface. Thirteen users participated, where most of the users noticed the polite pop-up and voluntarily chose to access the information within the pop-up. The contribution includes increased insight into the relation between polite pop-up and user satisfaction, as well as design implications for user-centered design.   
Human-Computer Interaction in the Digital Economy
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