Starling: A Blockchain-based System for Coordinated Obstacle Mapping in Dynamic Vehicular Environments

Miehle, Daniel
Pfurtscheller, Andreas
Bruegge, Bernd
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Current Vehicle-to-Vehicle solutions cannot ensure the authenticity of safety-critical vehicle and traffic data. Moreover, they do not allow malicious vehicles to be detected and eliminated. However, this is becoming mandatory, as more and more vehicles are on the road and communicating with each other. We propose a system called Starling, which focuses on trusted coordinated obstacle mapping using blockchain technology and a distributed database. Starling enables vehicles to share detected obstacles with other vehicles in a secure and verifiable manner, thus improving road safety. It ensures that data was not manipulated, changed, or deleted and is based on an open protocol so that vehicles can exchange data regardless of their manufacturer. In a case study, we demonstrate how a consensus is reached among vehicles and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the Starling system using Ethereum and the InterPlanetary File System.
Distributed Ledger Technology, The Blockchain, blockchain technology, coordinated obstacle mapping, distributed databases, ipfs, v2v communication
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