Mobile Technology Use in a Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team - Factors and Challenges

Spink, Pamela
Burstein, Frada
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Mobile technologies are being increasingly used in the health care sector to deliver quality care to patients through improved communication. While considerable research has been carried out in this area, there is limited research as to how mobile technology is being used by a multidisciplinary health care team (MHCT). This study aims to shed some light on the use of mobile technology by a MHCT. Using Activity Theory as a lens, we report on a qualitative study carried out in a large Australian hospital. This research identified the type of tasks and characteristics of the roles of the MHCT as important factors in understanding how they use mobile technology. The type of use for the technology was classified into spontaneous, restricted and potential use. Communication was found to be the key "spontaneous” use by the MHCT. The major challenges faced by the MHCT were privacy and security, and confidentiality.
IT Adoption, Diffusion and Evaluation in Healthcare, health care teams, mobile technology, mobile technology use, multidisciplinary teams
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