An Approach Toward a Feedback Mechanism for Consensus Reaching Processes Using Gamification to Increase the Experts' Experience

Pérez, Ignacio
Garcia-Sanchez, Pablo
Cabrerizo, Francisco
Herrera-Viedma, Enrique
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Sometimes, the consensus reaching process in group decision making problems is a challenging task for the people who are in charge of the final choice (usually called experts). Firstly, the consensus is defined as a convergent and iterative process. This implies that it is necessary to keep the experts' attention during the whole process, even if it is longer than expected. Secondly, some of the experts tend to be rigid and they do not change their minds to help in the negotiation process easily. In such a way, we propose a new feedback mechanism that uses some gamification rules, designed as a reward distribution system, in order to transform that task into a game. This change can improve the consensus reaching process in both situations: keeping the experts' attention on the process and motivating those experts that should adjust their preferences.
Soft Computing: Theory Innovations and Problem Solving Benefits, fuzzy logic, gamification, group decision making, soft consensus
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