Industrial Production Process Improvement by a Process Engine Visual Analytics Dashboard

Suschnigg, Josef
Ziessler, Florian
Brillinger, Markus
Vukovic, Matej
Mangler, Jürgen
Schreck, Tobias
Thalmann, Stefan
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Digitalization reshapes production in a sense that production processes are required to be more flexible and more interconnected to produce products in smaller lot sizes. This makes the process improvement much more challenging, as traditional approaches, which are based on the learning curve, are difficult to apply. Data-driven technologies promise help in learning faster by making use of the massive data volumes collected in production environments. Visual analytics approaches are particularly promising in this regard as they aim to enable engineers with their rich domain knowledge to identify opportunities for process improvements. Based on the assumption that process improvement should be connected with the process engine managing the process execution, we propose a visual analytics dashboard which integrates process models. Based on a case study in the smart factory of Vienna, we conducted two pair analytics sessions. The first results seem promising, whereas domain experts articulate their wish for improvements and future work.
Interactive Visual Analytics and Visualization for Decision Making – Making Sense of a Growing Digital World, process engine, visual analytics, smart manufacturing
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