An Explorative Study of Creative Idea Generation Using Mobile Collaboration Platform

Choi, Stephen
Lee, One-Ki
Suh, Woojong
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This study examines creative idea generation within a given task involving the use of a mobile collaboration platform (MCP). Drawing upon the theoretical perspectives on cognitive creativity, mobility, and self-select communication mode, the study proposes a research model that explains how individuals generate creative ideas through MCP use in a group collaboration context. To validate our model, survey data was collected from individuals involved in a group collaboration—particularly when performing tasks that requiring creative solutions. The results of this study indicate that: 1) MCP use has a positive effect on the individual’s creative idea generation; 2) both perceived MCP effectiveness and perceived freedom determine the individual’s MCP use levels; and 3) the individual’s personal innovativeness level in information technology (PIIT) has a conditional effect on the relationship between the perceived MCP freedom and MCP use. The significance of these findings stems from the fact that creative idea generation through group collaboration is a highly sought-after quality in organizational setting. Given the centrality of the mobile ecosystem in today’s organizational task environment, this study presents both theoretical and practical contributions.
Social Media and e-Business Transformation, creativity, mobile collaborative platform, mobility
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