Using Audio-Logs for Analyzing the Development of a Common Operational Picture in Multi-agency Emergency Response

Steen-Tveit, Kristine
Radianti, Jaziar
Munkvold , Bjørn Erik
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Multi-agency emergency response requires effective communication and collaboration for building and maintaining a common operational picture. Full-scale exercises are shown to be effective for learning, and for training the collaborative skills needed. This paper presents a methodology for analysis of real-time communication for building the common operational picture, using audio-logs. The analysis of the audio-logs provides insights for both practitioners and researchers in the emergency management domain concerning the dynamics of inter-agency collaboration and information exchanges when responding to emergencies. Coding and categorizing of audio-log-based information exchanges among multi-agency stakeholders were applied based on a full-scale emergency exercise on multiple terror actions. The results show that the methodology can contribute to analyze the development of a common operational picture, supplementing existing methods for evaluation of full-scale emergency exercises and real events.
Information and Communication Technologies for Crisis and Emergency Management, audio- log analysis, common operational picture, elicitation methods, emergency management exercises, situational awareness
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