The Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs) and Undergraduate Assessment

Aikau, Hokulani
Halbert, Debora
Hasager, Ulla
Lebbin, Vickery
Matayoshi, Jennifer
Pascua, Atina
Pearson, Wendy L.
Post, Sarah
Schiffner, Amy
Stitt-Bergh, Monica
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This poster presents undergraduate assessment results for critical thinking, information literacy, quantitative reasoning, and written communication based on a 2015-2016 qualitative review, led by the Assessment Office, of WASC-defined core competencies using the VALUE Rubrics and the expertise of instructional faculty from across campus. These results are presented as baseline data as well as the jumping off point for faculty and administrators regarding discussions about how to ensure all students graduate with the knowledge and skills we intend them to have. Suggestions for utilizing the findings toward improvement as well as next steps are discussed.
Institutional assessment, Institutional learning objectives, Program learning assessment
Aikau, H., Halbert, D., Hasager, U., Lebbin, V., Matayoshi, J., Pascua, A., Pearson, W., Post, S., Schiffner, A., Stitt-Bergh, M., Terawaki, M., Van Duser, K., Vincent, W., & Winter, J. (2017). The Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs) and Undergraduate Assessment. Poster session presented at the Assessment for Curricular Improvement Poster Exhibit at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, Honolulu, HI.
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