Bibliography of publications by Dr. David Chappell (1989-2018)

After earning his BA in 1968 from Syracuse University (and Hamilton College) in European and African History, David Chappell taught in the Peace Corps for two years in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. He then earned his MA in African History from Stanford University in 1971, and traveled in Asia, teaching history in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also taught history in secondary schools in the mainland US and on Maui. In 1991, He earned his Ph.D. in Pacific history at the University of Hawaii-Manoa and from then until his retirement in 2018 taught in that field at the University of Hawaii, as well as in the Marshall Islands, American Sāmoa and New Caledonia. He also gave lectures at the University of French Polynesia, and at Pacific History Association conferences in New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Guam. His early research was on Pacific Islanders who worked and traveled on foreign ships, indigenous diasporas and decolonization struggles, but more recently he have worked on the Francophone Pacific. His second book, The Kanak Awakening: The Rise of Nationalism in New Caledonia, was published by UH Press (Pacific Islands Monograph Series, No. 27, 2013) and has also been translated into French.

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