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  • National Foreign Language Resource Center (2010-09-21)
    This 25-minute video describes the Online Cafés project, in which language educators have worked together to design online cafés in which language learners in different locations can engage in intercultural exchange and ...
  • Kondo-Brown, Kimi (Ed.); Brown, James Dean (Ed.); Tominaga, Waka (Ed.) (2013-10-10)
    Practical Assessment Tools for College Japanese collects 21 peer-reviewed assessment modules that were developed by teachers of Japanese who participated in the Assessments for Japanese Language Instruction Summer Institute ...
  • Murphey, Tim (2012-04-16)
    Using group dynamics as an umbrella term for overlapping literatures on community, cooperative, and collaborative practices, I introduce the concept of PCOIz which might help teachers to better conceptualize their classes ...
  • Schmidt, Richard (2011-09-30)
    Richard Schmidt presents on the role of consciousness in second language learning at the 1988 Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) held in at the University of Hawai‘i.
  • Murphey, T. (Second Language Teaching & Curriculum Center, University of Hawai‘i, 2000)
    >>>Check out the Tim Murphey Tips Playlist on YouTube (<<< Shadowing and summarizing are deceptively simple tasks that can greatly enhance learning. This video ...
  • Davis, John McE. (2011-08-09)
    The goal of this guide is to help language educators develop surveys that produce useful information for evaluation in language programs. To that end, survey methods are situated within a method of evaluation that emphasizes ...
  • Murphey, T. (2010-03-05)
    >>>Check out the Tim Murphey Tips Playlist on YouTube (<<< If we just depend on occasional lessons in schools, we are not realizing the potential of our everyday ...
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