Configuring The Internet of Things (IoT): A Review and Implications for Big Data Analytics

Williams, Susan
Hardy, Catherine
Nitschke, Patrick
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Big data analytics is emerging as a key initiative in the IoT field as data grows at unprecedented scale and depth. However, considerable uncertainty remains about how organizations are using big data analytics to capitalize on IoT. In this paper we argue that there is a need for a more refined depiction of the relationship between IoT and big data analytics as it tends to be linked by technological and economic viewpoints. Three principal claims are made. Firstly, there is a pressing need to clarify the characteristics configuring and shaping the discourses around IoT. We find that IoT is characterized as a complex, (more than) technological, multi-scale and multi-level information infrastructure that is emergent and uncertain. Secondly, the unique characteristics of IoT are challenging governance capabilities in big data analytics. Thirdly, the impact of IoT through big data analytics for building ‘sustainable futures’ raises questions about responsible research and innovation.
Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Big Data: Innovation, Deployment and Management, Organizational Systems and Technology, Big data analytics, Governance, Internet of Things, Responsible Research and Innovation, Scale
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