Knowledge Risk Manangement – How to Manage Future Knowledge Loss

Müller, Frithjof
Mueller, Andrea
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Today’s organizations have to cope with the constant change due to reorganization initiatives, mergers, and acquisitions or the launch of a new product. In addition due to demographic changes and the actual development of the labor market securing knowledge becomes more important for organizations. Consequently, the people within the organizations are getting more important as the management of knowledge as a resource is crucial. The loss of knowledge is relevant to competition and can even be a threat to the existence of the company. Within this paper, the basics of knowledge risk management and empirical data describing the strategic competitive factor of knowledge will be outlined. Furthermore, measures and instruments that can be used to prevent or avoid the risk of knowledge loss are described by showing survey data.
Reports from the Field: Knowledge and Learning Applications in Practice, Knowledge Innovation and Entrepreneurial Systems, Knowledge management, risk management, knowledge loss, organization
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