Transnational Cooperation in Cybersecurity

Croasdell, David
Palustre, Adonis
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Cybersecurity has become a significant focal point for law enforcement, businesses, and consumers with the significant advancements made in cyber technologies, cyber use, and cybercrimes, [16]. Organized cybercrime includes activities such as skimming, botnets, provision of child pornography and advance fee fraud. Unorganized cybercrime could be simple fraud, downloading child pornography, trolling or uttering threats. Both organized and unorganized activities have grown more prevalent in today’s digital landscape. The media sensationalize breaches, such as the hacking of HBO’s Game of Thrones episodes and the Equifax data breach. These incidents get much fanfare shifting focus to law enforcement agencies their plans to address the crimes. We need to know more about the effectiveness of measures against cybercrime and the cooperation between nations against cybercrime. This manuscript examines this issue by exploring how transnational cooperation succeeded in the apprehension of wanted individuals in Operation Avalanche.
Knowledge Management and Information Security, Knowledge Innovation and Entrepreneurial Systems, Cyber-attacks, Cyber-crime, Cyber-security, Globalization, Transnational
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