Rerouting Digital Transformations - Six Cases in the Airline Industry

Somsen, Anne Maike
Borgman, Hans
Langbroek, Daan
Amrit, Chintan
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The purpose of this study is to understand how and why success criteria evolve in the course of a digital transformation initiative. Evolving success criteria can cloud planning processes and lead to post-hoc rationalizations, an observation that is often made but the underlying processes are hardly researched. This exploratory study does so by employing a qualitative approach with six embedded case studies of different digital transformation initiatives (DTIs) within a large European airline company. Our findings show how traditional business case approval practices, the degree of involvement of different stakeholders -each using different metrics-, the closeness in collaboration between these stakeholders and lastly the degree to which key-users embrace the digital solution during a DTI, all contribute to evolving success criteria. A discussion of the findings and limitations, implications for practice and suggestions for future research conclude the article.
Making Digital Transformation Real, Internet and the Digital Economy, Digital transformation, Success criteria, Agility
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