Towards Intelligent Decision Making in Emotion-aware Applications

Wang, Jiaqi
Wang, Siqi
Guo, Yanxiang
Hu, Xiping
Li, Xitong
Cheng, Jun
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In this paper, we propose an intelligent emotion-aware system (IES), which aims to provide a systematic approach that can make use of the online technology to improve the intelligence of different emotion-aware mobile applications. IES is constructed to provide multi-dimensional online social community data collection and processing approaches for decision making, so as to recommend intelligent services for emotion-aware mobile applications. Furthermore, we present a flow of intelligent decision making process designed on IES, and highlight the implementation and orchestration of several key technologies and schemes applied in this system for different emotion-aware mobile applications in run-time. We demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed IES by presenting a novel emotion-aware mobile application - iSmile, and evaluate the system performance based on this application.
Decision Making in Online Social Networks, Digital and Social Media, Emotion-aware Mobile application Intelligent decision making
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