Impact of Perceived Value on Customer Satisfaction and Continuance Intention of Bicycle Sharing Service

Shao, Zhen
Guo, Yanning
Ge, Chaoyi
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Bicycle sharing service has been identified as one of the most significant applications in the sharing economy, yet few studies have explored its value stream from a customer perception perspective. Drawing upon value creation theoretical framework, this study proposes a research model to examine the impact mechanism of four value streams on customer satisfaction and continuance intention of bicycle sharing service. An empirical study was conducted and 293 valid data was collected from users of two leading bicycle-sharing platforms in China. Structural equation modeling technique was used to examine the research model. The empirical results suggest that emotional value is the most significant antecedent of customer satisfaction and continuance intention, followed by functional value and economic value. While environmental value has a positive but weaker influence on customer satisfaction. A post-hoc analysis further suggests that gender difference exists on the association between the four value streams and customer satisfaction.
The Sharing Economy, Collaboration Systems and Technologies, Bicycle Sharing, Customer Satisfaction, Continuance Intention, Value Creation
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