Forum Guest Editors’ Introduction: Disability Studies in Education “At Work”

Connor, David J.
Valle, Jan W.
Hale, Chris
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University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies
This introductory article serves as the springboard for a greater discussion of the question: How applicable are the ideas of Disability Studies in Education to educational policy and the practice of teaching? As guest editors of the special forum of RDS, we illustrate how DSE continues to inform educational theory, research, policy, and practice. First, we chronicle the rapid growth of DSE over the past decade. Second, as educators of teachers, we raise three topics to contemplate further for our field: (1) improving the relationship between science and ethics, (2) better connecting knowledge, beliefs, and values to practice, and (3) determining the position of DSE scholars within the field of special education. Third, we briefly highlight the four featured articles from Belgium, New Zealand, Scotland, and the USA that constitute this special forum. Finally, we urge the field of education to be more critical of special education practices and continue to be receptive toward DSE.
disability studies, education, practice
Connor, D. J., Valle, J. W. & Hale, C. (2012). Forum Guest Editors’ Introduction: Disability Studies in Education “At Work”. Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal, 8(3).
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