Mentoring First Year Writers: Supporting the Development of the Student Writer

Allen, Sarah
Cheslow, Erin
Ito, Matt
Luz, Jordan
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Honolulu: 2018 UH First-Year Writing Symposium
In this teaching demonstration, the Director of the First-Year Writing and Mentoring Programs and 4-6 mentors at the University of Hawai'i Manoa will share an approach to mentoring first-year writers that explicitly supports their development as confident and effective writers. First, an explanation will be offered for the pedagogy and learning objectives that inform and shape this approach. Ten, audience members will be asked to serve as students in a series of activities that progress from directive to collaborative. The mentors, initially taking a highly directive approach, will show students discipline-specifc writing conventionsラ e.g., how to integrate sources in their writing. Through guided, collaborative exercises with the mentors and with their peers, as well as through guided, metacognitive reflections on their own writing practices, students will learn to identify and address issues in their own writing and in their peers'. Through these processes, students are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning. Consequently, students learn to take more ownership of their development as writers.
This talk was presented as part of Breakout Session B| Panel 2: Mentoring First-Year Writers. This is the full PDF of the talk's powerpoint presentation slides.
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