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Additional Records of Hawaiian Platyctenea (Ctenophora)

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Title:Additional Records of Hawaiian Platyctenea (Ctenophora)
Authors:Matthews, Donald C.
Townsley, Sidney J.
Date Issued:Jul 1964
Publisher:University of Hawai'i Press
Citation:Matthews DC, Townsley SJ. Additional records of Hawaiian platyctenea (ctenophora). Pac Sci 18(3): 349-351.
Abstract:In a previous paper (Matthews, 1954 :282)
representative samples of all orders of Ctenophora
were reported for Hawaii. Of these, the
platyctenids were represented by only two immature
specimens of Coeloplana dubosequii collected
on the reef of the Hawaii Marine Laboratory
on December 31, 1952. This small, pale,
yellowish-green platyctenid has not been collected
since, although the alga (Hypnea nidifica)
on which it was found has been periodically
examined. Also, continuous examination of
spines of the slate-pencil urchin, Heterocentrotes
mamillatus (viz. Utinomi, 1961 :116, pI. 58, no.
9), has failed to reveal platyctenids, although
Dawydoff (1938: 161) reported having collected
Coeloplana weilli on this urchin in the region
of Ream (Gulf of Siam, Cambodia). It is rather
ironical that, quite by chance, plaryctenids were
taken in 1961 on the spines of the black urchin,
Echinothrix diadema, collected from the sandy
bottom in about 10 m of water at the seaward
edge of Waikiki reef. Again, in January, April,
and May 1962, and in April 1963, platyctenids
were taken on E. diadema at about the same
depth, near Buoy No.8, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu.
Appears in Collections: Pacific Science Volume 18, Number 3, 1964

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