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Fax Correspondence between Rathe Burch and Jon Van Dyke regarding an act to create new Title 52 of Trust Territory Code entitled "Fishery Zones Jurisdiction" Public Law No 7-71 Committee on Resources & Development Report on House Bill No. IC-8, to make changes on Public Law No. 7-71 To amend title 24 of the FSM Code for the purpose of providing for the implementation of regional fisheries treaties, Public Law No. 5-37 To further amend title 24 of the FSM Code, to prohibit Micronesian Maritime Authority from issuing fishing permits or domestic or foreign vessels fishing by means of drift net, gill net, etc. Public Law 7-22 An Act to further amend title 24 of FSM Code to assure continuous existence of the Micronesian Maritime Authority and the National Marine Conservation Laws, Public law 6-1 An act to amend title 24 of the FSM Code by amending Section 502 for purpose of increasing the civil fines. Public Law 6-37 An Act to further amend title 24 of the FSM code, to revise the fisheries laws of the FSM or for other purposes, public law 6-11 An Act to Further Amend Title 24 of the Code of Federated States of Micronesia, as amended by Public Laws 5-20 & 5-37, by amending Section 105, to extend expiration date of the title or the other purposes Foreign Fishing Agreements between the Micronesian Maritime Authority & Foreign Fishing Companies Fax Correspondence between Andrea Hillyer and Jon Van Dyke regarding State of Chuuk et al vs. Sec. of Dept. of Finance, Civil Action No. 1995-085, Federick L. Ramp Affidavit view more...