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Title: Identification of Leptocephalus acuticeps Regan as the Larva of the Eel Genus Avocettina 
Author: Orton, Grace L.
Date: 1964-04
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Orton GL. 1964. Identification of Leptocephalus acuticeps Regan as the larva of the eel genus Avocettina. Pac Sci 18(2): 186-201.
Abstract: Regan (1916: 140, pI. 7, fig. 5) based the description
of a distinctive new eel larva, Leptocephalus
acuticeps, on a single 47-mm specimen
from the South Atlantic. He did not attempt to
allocate this larva within the eel classification,
but D'Ancona (1928: 109) and Bertin (1936:7)
assigned it to the Congridae. Although no additional
specimens of 1. acuticeps appear to have
been reported since the brief original description,
Bertin re-examined the original larva and
gave important supplementary information on
it, and an additional illustration.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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