Short-Term and Long-Term Solutions for Secure Verification of Aircraft- Reported ADS-B Location in Air Traffic Networks

Manuel, Nikki
Li, Depeng
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Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADSB) is the foundation of next-generation air traffic management systems. The precision granted by ADS-B will allow for the network to support the huge growth in air traffic in the coming decades and assist both air traffic controllers and pilots in improving safety in flight. However, the ADS-B protocol has serious security vulnerabilities. Coupled with the importance of ADS-B in the air transportation system, these security issues make ADS-B an appealing target for attack by adversaries. This paper dismisses the need for encryption and focuses security strategies on location verification. Multilateration is combined with data fusion and location tracking for effective and undemanding short-term and long-term location verification. By taking input from air traffic controllers, a secondary location tracking systems allows for a backup record of controlled aircraft that can easily be referred to in emergencies.
Cyber-of-Things: Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics, Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast Data Fusion Location Tracking Multilateration
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