IT Governance Mechanisms for DevOps Teams - How Incumbent Companies Achieve Competitive Advantages

Wiedemann, Anna
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More and more organizations are deciding to move from traditional, plan-driven software development to agile approaches in order to stay competitive. Therefore, the IT functions have been deciding to implement cross-functional DevOps teams. To enable collaboration within DevOps teams, incumbent companies have to implement mechanisms to govern dynamic and agile environments. The present research investigates which IT governance mechanisms are helpful for the implementation of DevOps teams. For this purpose, we conducted a qualitative research study and interviewed team members in six companies that have already implemented DevOps-oriented teams. We describe which IT governance mechanisms-”in the form of structure, processes, and relational mechanisms-”are important for DevOps teams to achieve competitive advantages. Our findings show that agile roles and responsibilities, hybrid or decentralized organizational structures, as well as communications and knowledge-sharing models are conducive to the government of a DevOps team.
IT Governance and its Mechanisms, Case study, DevOps, IT governance mechanisms
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