The Evolution of IS Projects in Manufacturing Industries: The Case of Product Lifecycle Management

Holler, Manuel
Uebernickel, Falk
Brenner, Walter
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In this paper, we explore the evolution of product lifecycle management information systems projects in manufacturing industries over time. There is critical need because initiated projects routinely fail in terms of time, budget, or quality to which the academic discourse has not given adequate consideration. Therefore, we build up on an in-depth case study within the project setting of a leading European automotive supplier kicked-off in January 2016. As central results, the paper provides insights (1) how product lifecycle management information systems projects develop over time, (2) what may be underlying causes, and (3) which implications on project management may be deduced. In view of the limitations by the applied case study research strategy, we illumine the specifics of these information systems projects for scholars. For project managers, an overview on essential developments and their implications supports the successful project execution.
IT and Project Management, Case Study, PLM, Product Lifecycle Management, Project, Project Management
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