A Socio-Technical Model for Project-Based Executive IT Governance

Murphy, Kris
Lyytinen, Kalle
Somers, Toni
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Effectuating enterprise systems success through project-based, executive IT governance in the form of steering committees is a complex and multi-leveled challenge. Insight into the design of steering committees and what interrelated governance components are required is very limited. We propose a multi-leveled model to design effective steering committees. We develop this theoretical model and surmise that our project-based IT governance model offers more effective control. This proposition was developed using a sequential mixed-methods approach that combines qualitative and quantitative inquiry, and empirical research. We articulate a theoretical model informed by the punctuated socio-technical change model, which synthesizes the dynamic capabilities and other components that influence steering committee performance. We find steering committees can achieve implementation success by balancing dynamic capabilities, structure, processes, and objectives. Contrary to common expectations, we learn that balanced, dynamic and agile steering committees are more effective than those that follow stale, procedural or routine approaches.
IT and Project Management, Dynamic capabilities, IT Project governance, project success, socio-technical change model, steering committee
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