There Is Still No "Fit for All" IS Development Method: Business Development Context and IS Development Characteristics Need to Match

Dahlberg, Tomi
Dahlberg, Tomi
Lagstedt, Altti
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Information systems development has returned to strategic management due to the increase of software-enabled businesses. We investigated two failed IS development projects using the exploratory case study method. One of the projects was executed with the plan-driven approach methods and the other with the change-driven (agile) approach methods. Data analysis showed that both projects followed the principles of the selected methods. That, however, was not enough. The plan-driven project achieved project objectives but did not deliver business value and the IS was never taken into use. The change-driven project delivered desired business value but failed to release a robust IS. Our main contribution to research is our proposition to match the characteristics of IS development methods with the characteristics of business development contexts. We also disclose some novel reasons for IS project failures.
Information Systems Success and Benefits Realization, Agile IS development, Case studies, Information systems development methods, Selection of IS development method, Waterfall IS development.
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