A reference model-driven Architecture linking Business Processes and Services

Delgado, Andrea
Ruiz, Francisco
García-Rodríguez de Guzmán, Ignacio
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While an important area of research in the services community is focused on the composition of services to orchestrate processes, based mainly on the WS-BPEL standard with a services view, we take a different standpoint. Ours has also a business perspective, defining services to support the execution of business processes (BPs) in a BPMS platform. Our vision focuses on process and service models and the relationships between them, allowing traceability between elements belonging to the business and the software areas. This paper presents a reference model-driven architecture linking BPs to services, automating the generation of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) from BPs architectures. Our approach applies both to collaborative and orchestration BPs; in the first scenario it helps support the agreements reached regarding interactions between different organizations. We believe the application of our model-driven approach, which is based on metamodels, models and transformations between them, can support organizations in their effort to align their BPs with service support.
Enterprise Architecture and Business Processes Analysis, Bridging business and IT, Cross-organizational business processes, Model-driven architecture, Service-oriented architecture, Solution referenced architectures
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