Analyzing the Influence of Gender Stereotypes and Social Norms on Female IT Entrepreneurial Intention in Saudi Arabia

Chandran, Daniel
Aleidi, Asma
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Technological entrepreneurship is continuously growing, and given the lack of women’s IT entrepreneurial activities there is a need for further investigation. However, a comprehensive literature review indicates that innovation, technology and female entrepreneurs are rarely discussed in the same context, though each has a vital value for human and economy development. Furthermore, most of the literature on women’s entrepreneurship in general and more specifically in Saudi context is focused on non-technological businesses. Therefore, this research in progress examines the relationship between social influence and women’s IT entrepreneurial intention and decision-making processes that lead women to become tech-entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia. The investigation reveals that understanding entrepreneurial intention as well as its antecedents is a strong predictor to perform behaviors. So, by understanding women’s IT entrepreneurial intention, better guidance can be a new driver of entrepreneurial behavior in the technology context.
Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurial Intention, Female Entrepreneurship, Gender, Saudi Arabia, Technological Entrepreneurship
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