Scientific Knowledge of the Human Side of Information Security as a Basis for Sustainable Trainings in Organizational Practices

Scholl, Margit C.
Fuhrmann, Frauke
Scholl, L. Robin
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Comprehensive digitization leads to new chal-lenges because of cybercrime and related security countermeasures. There is no doubt that this will fundamentally affect our lives and is leading to an increase in the importance of information security (IS). However, technology solutions alone are not sufficient to ensure IS countermeasures. The human side of security is important to protect organizational assets like user information and systems. The paper illustrates these relationships in terms of information security awareness (ISA), examining its goals and the factors influencing it through the systematic analysis and review of scientific literature and the transfer of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. We reviewed the publications of leading academic journals in the field of IS over the past decade.
Cybersecurity and Government, Digitization, Human Actors, Information Security (IS) Awareness (ISA), IS knowledge and IS attitude and IS behavior, Measuring awareness
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