Videogame Walkthroughs in Educational Settings: Challenges, Successes, and Suggestions for Future Use

Bergstrom, Kelly
Jenson, Jennifer
Flynn-Jones, Emily
Hebert, Cristyne
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In this paper we describe the use of videogame walkthroughs implemented in three different educational contexts: 1) an informal learning environment where 11-12 year-olds used text and video walkthroughs to supplement their Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker play during an optional, lunch-time video game club in their school library; 2) a formal learning environment where grade six (11-12 year-old) students used a written walkthrough for Lost Winds 2: Winter of the Melodias played as part of their Language Arts classroom; and 3) the use of a written walkthroughs by Grade 7 and 8 teachers as part of their preparations to teach a game-based learning unit in their Geography classrooms. Taken together, we argue that while walkthroughs can be useful pedagogical tools when using videogames in classroom settings, the social and cultural contexts in which they are introduced must be carefully considered in order for their effectiveness to be fully realized.
Games and Gaming, game based learning, game studies, paratexts, player studies, walkthroughs
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