The Internet of Things, Teamwork, and Service Projects

Wang, Ziye (Randy)
Kennedy, Deanna
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has made inroads into many aspects of our lives. The application of IoT has enhanced our workplace with such technologies as RFID sensors for tracking and replenishing resources. Yet, there is limited research about the way human processes, and in particular, team processes are changed by IoT objects. Herein, we focus on sociotechnical systems theory in order to connect IoT and team processes, where IoT objects are differentiated based on functionality. We draw on the team process framework to clarify the type of task-oriented activities team members engage in over time as they collectively complete work projects. We connect different IoT objects to team processes and propose that the synergies may enhance team efficiencies and effectiveness. As well, we provide a real-world scenario about air conditioning service that illustrates how different IoT objects may be introduced to affect the team processes that apply.
Internet of Things: Providing Services Using Smart Devices, Wearables, and Quantified Self, Business Processes, Internet of Things, Service Projects, Sociotechnical Systems, Teamwork
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