The Interaction of Trait Competitiveness and Leaderboard Design - An Experimental Analysis of Effects on Perceptions and Usage Intention

Höllig, Christoph E.
Tumasjan, Andranik
Welpe, Isabell M.
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Gamification is a valuable approach to foster user engagement, raise motivation, and induce behavioral change. As a maturing field of research, the complex interactions of the various elements of gameful systems remain opaque. However, understanding these interactions, especially between user and gamified system, builds the foundation for the vast application of gamified systems. To advance our knowledge in this field, we employ an experimental research design with 192 participants. Thereby we show that users’ personal development competitiveness positively affects the perception and usage intention of a competitive gamified system in a work scenario. Further, this relationship is moderated by the system’s design. Focusing on a team-based rather than a player-based leaderboard supports the usage intentions and perceptions of individuals high in personal development competitiveness. Our study supports the need for individualized gameful systems rather than relying on one-system-fits-all approaches often found in business practice.
Gamification, Gamification, Leaderboard, Competitiveness
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