The Effect of Enterprise Crowdsourcing Systems on Employees’ Innovative Behavior and Job Performance

Vel, Vetrivadivel
Park, Insu
Liu, Jun
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Employees are main sources of innovative ideas via their insights of companies’ products, processes, customers, and competitors. Enterprise crowdsourcing systems (ECSs) are used to collect, refine, and realize ideas. However, only a small percent of employees submit ideas - about 7.7% at Pfizer, 2% at HCL Technologies, and 3% at Polaris Industries. Why employee’s participation is low? More specifically, what are the factors that can lead employees to use ECS actively to submit and share their innovative ideas for improving their job performance? In this research, we used a multi-actor dyadic survey to survey 183 employees and their managers and conducted data analysis to understand the impact of ECS factors on employees’ job performance. The findings of this study can help organizations refine their ECSs and innovation initiatives.
Data Science and Digital Collaborations, Employees, Enterprise Crowdsourcing, Ideas, Innovation, Innovation Portal
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