Examining Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Product Development Focusing on Dependencies

Schuh, Guenther
Riesener, Michael
Mattern, Christian
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Product development in manufacturing industry is characterized by intense collaboration need of various stakeholders. Increasing integration of disciplines in modern products makes it more and more a challenge to arrange collaboration efficiently and effectively. Process and product characteristics as well as the architecture of information systems used in product development have to be considered. This paper introduces a methodology for the design of collaboration situations based on principles of system analysis. First, a collaboration situation is defined and modelled regarding constituent elements in the domains process, product and system. Second, a description model for dependencies in these domains is developed. Morphological analysis was applied to derive features and characteristics of the model. Third, an improvement approach to optimize a given collaboration situation is depicted. The improvement approach comprises a sensitivity model, which explicates causal relations between the dependency features. The methodology is applied to a case study from manufacturing industry.
Cross-Organizational and Cross-Border IS/IT Collaboration, Product Development, Collaboration, Dependencies
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