The Good, the Bad and the Indispensable - Insights into the Practical Potential of Emergency Response Information Systems and Drones for Firefighters

Weidinger, Julian
Schlauderer, Sebastian
Overhage, Sven
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The introduction of innovative information technologies is frequently pursued to improve the on-site decision-making and hence the effectiveness of emergency response processes. Yet, the practical potential of innovative firefighter information technologies hardly has been investigated so far. In this paper, we present the results of a study, in which we interviewed 21 members of German fire departments about the potential of emergency response information systems and drones. The results suggest that firefighters find both technologies to deliver potential improvements. They also pointed to several possible drawbacks and critical requirements, however. The results of our study do not only provide a multifaceted overview of the potential benefits and risks that ought to be taken into account when introducing emergency response information systems or drones for firefighters. They also call for a systematic investigation of the practical potential of firefighter information technologies in general.
Communication and Information Systems Technology for Crisis and Disaster Management, Drones, Emergency response information systems, Firefighter information technologies, Qualitative study, User acceptance
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