Technology and Development Institute. Case Studies in Public Policy Implementation and Project Management

Technology and Development Institute (TDI), with its unique East-West partnership relationships, formulated plans for cooperative research to develop an innovative and comprehensive approach to project management education and training. The project focused on serious (and costly) management difficulties in the United States and the nations of Asia and the Pacific in view of their common problems rooted in mutual concerns and resulting in similar consequences. The basic approach was to develop a new prototype curriculum for educating and training project managers to understand the entire project cycle as a basis for expediting the necessary decision-making to successfully implement development projects for any sector of the economy or society. It also attempted to broaden the perspectives of international assistance policy-makers, national policy-makers, local planners, and project implementers in understanding the relationships between national goals and local project requirements.

Basic to the curriculum is this series of case studies, covering agricultural, industrial, public works, and social sectors. The case studies will be used extensively as a learning tool to provide relevance, practicability, and reality to both classroom discussions and the follow-up field practicum.

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